Terms of use

Following terms of use apply to the website www.moveup.be, named as "the website".

This website has been created and is managed by :
Avenue de Tervueren, 204
1150 Brussels

By using this website, the user agrees fully and unconditionally with the following terms of use and commit himself to abide by them. If the user refuses these terms, he is asked not to use this website. These terms of use apply to the use of all pages of the website. Other terms are of application, particularly (but not only) the regulation of privacy statement, the illegal, inappropriated or prejudicial content, and the inscriptions to our database. All these appliable terms constitue the only whole term that regulate the use of the website and that the user is supposed to have agreed them fully and irrevocably by just using the website. MoveUp has right to adapt these terms anytime, without warning. We advise you to check regularly the terms of the website for any update.

1. Access and use
The access to the website is free and free of charges. The user may have to subscribe to the website, communicate some information and create an access code and/or a password. Should the user disagree with the terms of use regarding the collection and the use made of these informations, he will not be able to use the relative part of the website.

2. Restricted responsibility
MoveUp cannot be held for responsible of the content of the website or the use - direct r indirect - of it.
MoveUp does not guarantee the exactness or legality of the informations published or proposed via the website (including the advertisements which are published under responsibility of the advertiser).
MoveUp has right to modify at any time the info published ohn the website without having to warn the users.
MoveUp cannot either guarantee the permanent availability, without error, interruption of all the website, the immediate reparation of the errors as the absence of viruses of any other damageable element of the website and the syst4em that provides the website.
MoveUp cannot be held for responsible for all loss or damage (direct or indirect, material or immaterial) linked to the use of the website or the unability to the use of the website.

3. Hyperlinks
Supposing that links to other websites would be created, directly or via a search engine, through this website, MoveUp can in no case be held for responsible for the links to other websites and their content. Anyone using these search engines is fully aware of the fact that internet may contain illegal, inappropriated or damageable content and aknowledge that MoveUp cannot control these contents, possibly illegal, inappropriated or damageable on the net.
MoveUp cannot be held for responsible for errors in URL or domain names published on his website.

4. Intellectual rights
MoveUp brings the upmost care to the creation and maintenance of his website. Texts, drawings, pictures, movies, layouts, database, informations, softwares, names, domain names, brand logos and all other elements of all nature in this website are protected by intellectual rights and are property of MoveUp (or property of third parties). The use, copy, tanslation, adaptation, modification, diffusion of all or part of this site, under any form or manner, is forbidden without our written agreement beforehand. Any infringement to these intellectual rights can lead to civil or penal proceedings.

5. User’s contributions
The user might receive authorization to publish content on the website. The user gives MoveUp explicit authorization to reproduce his contribution(s) on the website and communicate them to the public via the web in the whole world, without any limitation of time, without compensation or other financial counterpart. Ant user supplying such a contribution are fully and entirely responsibles of this content and of the consequences of their diffusion by the website.
The user guarantees to be owner of all rights and/or authorizations due to the publishing of his contribution(s) on the website as explained here above (particularly concerning the intellectual rights but also the image rights).
From that moment, the user guarantees MoveUp against any claim, complaint, action from a third party or any control institution related to these contributions.
MoveUp cannot exercise any preliminary control of all contributions and is not able to notice any violations to the rights of third parties. Nevertheless, MoveUp reserves the right not to publish or to delete any illegal content or any content that can be reasonnably supposed to be a violation of a third party’s rights without having to inform preliminarly the user who have transmitted the content in question. Naturally, the user is not authorized to publish illegal, innapropriated and/or prejudicial content on the website.
MoveUp cannot exercise a preliminary check of the whole content placed by users on the website but holds the right at any time to delete or make unavailable the contents estimated to be illegal, inappropriated and/or prejudicial or to act in that direction as soon asMoveUp receives a claim related to the website.
Under no circumstances MoveUp must inform preliminarly the user that transmitted the content or to justify its decision towards them.MoveUp has right to inform these users of the problem, possibly a posteriori, as to take any necessary measure to avoid to recur, inclusive the interdiction, temporary or definite, to access partly or totally to our website. In case of illegal, inappropriated and/or prejudicial content, MoveUp can, without warning, take all necessary measure, inclusive to inform the judicial authority or other control authority.

7. Private life respect
When using and exploring the website, the user can be asked to comunicate some personal information such as his name, adress, diplom(s), professional orientation, e-mail adress... The collection and use of these informations are submitted to the regulation of protection of privacy. The website also makes use of cookies.

8. Nullity of a condition
The nullity, illegality or non applicability of one or several condition(s) of these terms of use won’t lead to the nullity or non applicability of the whole terms of use. The condition partially or totally illegal, unapplicable will be considered as null and void, all other dispositions staying applicable. The disposition declared as null and void will be replaced by another disposition having the same effect.

9. Applicable right and tribunals
All disagreement related to the website will be settled by belgian law. The only concerned court in case of disagreement are the court of Brussels.

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