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Young graduates

Young graduates

You have few or no professional experience at all and you are looking for a first job, an internship or an additional training? Move-up offers you a wealth of information to succeed in your career. You can find: news about employment, advices to optimise your research and your applications, a selection of companies (Top recruiters) and offices that recruit…


Top Recruiters

You are looking for a first job or an internship? Find out quickly about our Top Recruiters. Indeed, these companies recruit students and young graduates. Find out more and apply in a few clicks!

Apply efficiently

Find various information and advices in order to apply well to companies, to have a successful application with a good CV and a good cover letter, to get an interview and to learn how to show you are a valuable candidate, to pass selection tests successfully or to use Internet to your (...)

Learn all about internships

Conducted during your studies, an internship will allow you to practice what you have been taught in class and to acquire a new professional experience. To find out how to choose the right internship, how to find a good company that is ready to welcome you and to know your rights but also your (...)

Recruitment, search & selection agencies

A recruitment office is mandated by a company in order to find the right candidates to fill the job. Each company proceeds differently to uncover patterns: announces, direct approaches, CV… To find out more about these offices and about how to approach them, consult (...)

Find a training

You are looking for a thorough training that will reinforce your skills and your experience? You are thinking about starting a complementary or an additional course after your studies? Consult this file that will help you choose the right (...)

Top Recruiters Young graduates

Company presentations for young graduates

Top Recruiters Experienced candidates

Company presentations for experienced candidates